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Sophia Sunflower Salon is a natural hair salon that caters to each guest’s unique style and personality. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience. You deserve it!

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ADC   Afro Detangling Comb
AVLIT2   Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment 2oz
AVLIT   Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment 8oz
BSHC2   Buttery Soy Hair Creme 2oz
BSHC   Buttery Soy Hair Creme 8oz
CCC   Cake Cutter Comb
HO   Chocolate Syrup Hair & Body Oil 8oz
CHM2   Coconut Hair Milk 2oz
CHM   Coconut Hair Milk 8oz
CFFC   Cricket Friction Free Comb
CC2   Curl Creation 2oz
CC   Curl Creation 7oz
CKTK   Curly Kinky Tool Kit
CS2   Curly Satisfaction 2oz
CS   Curly Satisfaction 4oz
DB   Denman Brush
HBSC   Hair Bonnet & Scarf Combo
HDR2   Hair Do Right 2oz
HHC2   Herbal Hair Cocktail 2oz
HHC   Herbal Hair Cocktail 8oz
HBSCE2   Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator 2oz
HBSCE   Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator 8oz
HoHaC2   Honey Hair Creme 2oz
HoHaC   Honey Hair Creme 8oz
HHM   Honey Hair Mask
HHM2   Honey Hair Mask 2oz
HLL2   Honey Love Loc 2oz
HLL   Honey Love Loc 8oz
HLMLG2   Honey Love Mature Loc Gel 2oz
HLMLG   Honey Love Mature Loc Gel 8oz
HLM   Honey Love Moisturizer 8oz
HLP2   Honey Love Pomade 2oz
HNC2   Honey Nutt Conditioner 2oz
HNC   Honey Nutt Conditioner 8oz
HNSC2   Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser 2oz
HNSC   Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser 8oz
MDDST2   Maki-Da-Da Scalp Therapy 2oz
MDDST   Maki-Da-Da Scalp Therapy 8oz
MHE   Microfiber Hair Edger
M.   MISTER. 7oz
M.2   MISTER.2oz
MYHCTrial-Kit   MYHC Trial Kit
MYHCDT   MYHoneyChild Detangler
MLSHC   MYHoneyChild Lil' Steamer Hydrating Cap
MMLT   MYHoneyChild Microfiber Loc Turban
LMT   MYHoneyChild Microfiber Towel
MMT   MYHoneyChild Microfiber Turban
NMCHB2   No' Mo Curly Hair Blues 2oz
NMCHB7   No' Mo Curly Hair Blues 7oz
OHCM2   O'Honey Curl Mist 2oz
OHCM   O'Honey Curl Mist 8oz
OYDC   Olive You Deep Conditioner
OYDC2   Olive You Deep Conditioner 2oz
OHO   Organic Hair Oil 4oz
SHBB   Shampoo Hair and Body Bar
SST   Shea ! Shea ! Tub 8oz
SSBB   Shea Shampoo and Body Bar 4oz
SC   Shower Comb
SCHJ2   Sophia's Coconut Hair Jel 2oz
SCHJ   Sophia's Coconut Hair Jel 8oz
SOFHG2   Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease 2oz
SOFHG   Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease 8oz
SDC2   Systematic Deep Conditioner 2oz
THPB   Thick hair Paddle brush
TO   Twist Out Hair Creme 8oz
THS   Twists Hair Sponge
T3HC-0002   TYPE 3 Hair Creme - 8oz
T4HC   TYPE 4 Hair Creme
T4HC2   TYPE 4 Hair Creme 2oz
TYHK   Type 4 Hair Kit
VHGC2   Virgin Hair Girl Conditioner 2oz
VHGP2   Virgin Hair Girl Poo 2oz

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