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Tips for Caring African-American Short and Natural Hair

Tips for Caring African-American Short and Natural Hair

Women who have natural African American hair may face difficulties in managing it as most  hair products in the market are especially made for Caucasian hair. If you have this kind of hair and also have a short haircut, you can flaunt the natural shine.

The kinky curls that are the signature style of an African American’s hair can be managed by making use of proper styling techniques and the right hair products. Here are some of the top hair tips from well-known hairstylists who are experienced in working with this particular type of  hair and can guide you on how to take care of your hair in the best way possible.

Tip 1: Wash your hair only once a week

You must wash your hair only once in a week. And that is because the texture of African American hair is usually drier than other hair types. Moreover, most of the shampoos constitute of sodium lauryl sulfate which behaves like a detergent and can further dry your hair. Once a week is an adequate amount if your hair is kinky, it will not permit the traveling of oil down your hair shaft like it does on straight hair.

Tip 2: Avoid rubbing your hair too hard

You should pat and squeeze your hair to dry it after stepping out of the shower. Avoid rubbing your hair as it will lead to frizzing. Rather,  you should gently dry your hair using a towel and use a hair dryer that is available with a diffuser attachment. This will give your short hair a soft definition.

Tip 3-Use a special gel that suits your hair texture

Styling your hair can get easier and better by using hair gel that has been specially designed for the African American hair type.  Gels that are made of other types of hair can dry it up. Hence you should select your gel from the designated section of hair care products for African American hair. All these hair products have been especially formulated for drier and coarser hair and is a great way of keeping your short hair looking styled and not at all messy.

Tip 4-Apply a good hair oil

Use a good hair oil in the middle of the week after you have gotten it styled. After about 3 to 4 days, you may observe that your short hair style has fallen flat. Wax, oil or pomade however, can help your hair come back to shape once again without going for a hair wash and putting it through the drying and styling routine all over again. Simply make sure that the oil does not get on the skin since it may lead to breakouts.


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