Natural Hair Conditioner for Curly Hair, Transitioning Hair & More

Here at My Honey Child, we offer a line of beautifully fragranced, uniquely formulated, natural hair conditioners that you can’t find anywhere else. These all-natural products are designed for a number of hair types: coarse, dry, kinky, dense, curly, thick and damaged. If you have difficulty finding hair products at the beauty supply store that really don't work for your hair, our hair solutions are exactly what you’ve have been looking for. Our natural conditioners for dry hair come in a variety of blends, weights and fragrances to accommodate all dry and curly hair types.

Honey Nutt Conditioner 8oz
The Kink Peacemaker Dry, stressed hair can be the woe of not just the bearer but the beholder too! The Honey Nutt Conditioner deeply moisturizes your locks to make them silky, shiny and soft. The natural moisturizers present in the conditioner hydrate your hair to replenish the dry and damaged...
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