Leave In Conditioners

Enjoy Moisture & Manageability with Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair

Leave in conditioners are a miracle for dry, natural or curly hair. If you long for tangle free hair , My Honey Child has some fresh solutions. We offer leave in conditioners for transitioning and natural hair with the best combination of ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. Our customers love the scents, ingredients and results you get from these fine products. With a leave in conditioner from our collection, you can finally have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Shop today and enjoy free shipping on your order of $75.00 or more.

Natural Biracial & African American Hair Care

We are proud to offer some of the best products specifically designed for biracial and African American hair types – our hair care line is designed just for you. Each moisturizing ingredient blends perfectly to create a leave in conditioner for natural black hair, adding shine and moisture. Don’t wait another minute – get the hair you want!

Achieving desired results is fast and easy – simply shampoo hair, apply our natural leave-in product (following the instructions on the packaging), leave the product in your hair, style as usual and you are good to go! For a cremey natural solution, try the Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment . If you prefer a spray leave in conditioner for curly hair, the O’Honey Curl Mist offers a light solution that reactivates your curls for a frizz-free shine. Many customers also love our botanical solution, the Herbal Hair Cocktail designed to soften and control curly and frizzy hair, add shine and create manageability. For leave in conditioners that smooth and soften, My Honey Child natural leave in conditioners can help – just leave it in, style and enjoy your gorgeous hair.

Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment 8oz
The Cuticle Smoother You sure want to be on your best behavior on your date. Only your hair disagrees with you and decides to behave otherwise. Sounds familiar? The Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment helps in nourishing your hair from the roots so it has a nourished healthy stature. All...
Herbal Hair Cocktail 8oz
The Humectant Infuser You might you picture yourself looking like a star while running down the beach, tossing your smooth long tresses, Baywatch-style. Sadly, dry and damaged hair can turn the whole picture into a rather scary one. The Herbal Hair Cocktail infuses humectants into the hair, to repair worn...
O'Honey Curl Mist 8oz
The Curl Plumper LBD, check. Stilettos, check. Hair? A revolting NO!! When you've got your outfit and attitude in place, and it is only your hair that lets you down with its zombie-like vigor, you know you need to spritz it up! The O'Honey Curl Mist is a light styling...
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