TYPE 4 Hair Kit

The Best Product regimen for TYPE 4 Hair.

Contains : O'Honey Curl Mist, Olive You Deep Conditioner, Type 4 Hair Creme.

 Have you searched for the perfect products for your Type 4 hair ? Have you tried every regimen possible ? Well search no more, we have the kit for you. You won't find a better deal with over $16.00 in savings and free shipping for orders over $ 50.00 USA customers only . 

Value : 60.00
1) 8oz O'Honey Curl Mist ( Ultimate scalp and curls hydrator) Value 20.00
1) 8oz Olive You Deep Conditioner ( Supreme deep conditioner and detangler) Value 20.00
1) 8oz Type 4 Hair Creme ( Reigning moisture, hydrating , twisting creme) Value 20.00

TYPE 4 Hair Creme 8oz
A Curl, A Kink, Bestest Friend A “bestest” friend is someone you can trust with anything, Well this is true with the TYPE 4 Hair Creme. This creme delivers moisture on contact and loves thick, puffy dry hair . Type 4 hair desires 100% moisture. Say goodbye to dry edges,...
Olive You Deep Conditioner 8oz
Moisture Anyone If you're having a hard time managing dry and over-processed hair, Olive You Deep Conditioner is just what you need. The #1 selling conditioner graces the bathroom cabinets/linen closets of a large and happy family of My Honey Child customers. Olive You Deep Conditioner is fortified with the...
O'Honey Curl Mist 8oz
The Curl Plumper LBD, check. Stilettos, check. Hair? A revolting NO!! When you've got your outfit and attitude in place, and it is only your hair that lets you down with its zombie-like vigor, you know you need to spritz it up! The O'Honey Curl Mist is a light styling...
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