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Natural Henna Hair Dye

If you have never experienced a henna treatment for hair, now is the time. At My Honey Child, we use natural or organic henna treatments by Radico, for beautiful color that leaves your dry hair feeling silky and smooth. While so many dyes and color treatments are harsh, particularly on already brittle, dry or damaged hair, our natural henna hair dye is made for coloring hair naturally and avoiding further damage by leaving out harsh chemicals.

Natural Henna Hair Color

Our amazing henna treatment can be ordered online so you can color your hair on your own, or our professionals at Sophia Sunflower Salon, in Raleigh, NC can work their magic for you. Natural henna hair color is for hair that needs tender loving care, and is made to cover the grey. Henna is derived from a tropical shrub in which the leaves are powdered to formulate an amazing, natural dye. It is a must-have product for those who wish to add a touch of color and gloss to dry, unmanageable hair.