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About Us

I am Krika Bradsher, CEO, Owner and Operator of Sophia Sunflower Salon, and creator of the My Honey Child product line. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 20 years, and a Cosmetology Instructor for over 16 years. After graduating from cosmetology school, I started working in chain salons. It did not take long for me to realize that my clients deserved a more personal touch, so I created a way to provide that type of service.

I opened Sophia Sunflower Salon in 1999, and catered to clients with relaxed and natural hair. In 2000, I began catering exclusively to clients with natural hair. Shortly after that, through extensive research, I launched the My Honey Child natural haircare product line. I developed this incredible and much-needed line because the commercial products were not providing the moisture and nutrients that African American natural hair needs. As someone who has never had a relaxer, I knew what was missing in my own haircare regimen. The first product developed was the TYPE 4 Hair Crème , which continues to be top sellers in the natural hair community. I am proud to say that I ship this product worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, my clients often call me a Natural Haircare Wizard while I help them transition from relaxed to natural hair. I am passionate about building long-term relationships with each of my clients. I provide an extraordinary client experience and excellent customer service in a peaceful, relaxing environment. Since I am the only person who treats and styles your hair, you get the undivided attention you deserve. You will always run into a friendly face entering or exiting the salon.

People always ask me how the name Sophia Sunflower Salon came about. “Sophia” comes from the movie The Color Purple, because Sophia represented equality for all women. “Sunflower” is because I absolutely love sunflower seeds. I can eat a bag of Trader Joe's sunflower seeds every day. Yep ! I'm a fanatic. Much like my own natural hair, Sophia Sunflower Salon continues to grow, naturally, and steadily. There is no limit to where it continues to take me.

I currently live in Louisburg, NC with my son Isaac and daughter Estelle. I give back to my community through teaching, and leading cosmetology programs at various community colleges. I have also helped pioneer natural haircare salons within the natural hair industry. Visit the salon at to make an appointment.

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