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The Transition

Transition to Natural Hair with Us

Transitioning to natural hair can be a very emotional, yet exciting and rewarding experience. It can be confusing and difficult to transition from relaxed hair to kinks and curls if you don't know what to expect or you could be just afraid of the unknown. At Sophia Sunflower Salon, your transitioning consult will work with you to ensure you understand the styles, products and steps you should be taking to help you through your journey.

Been in transition to natural hair or almost there? There are crucial things you should or should not do to maintain healthy, natural hair. Over the years I have been asked the same questions by people dealing with the same problems or encountering the same situations. This is some information on black natural hair and transitioning hair that will be beneficial to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call at (919) 828-9689 or visit us in person.


Dear Sophia, I haven't had a relaxer in several years but I have straight ends. I thought was was natural. Why is this?

If you are not getting your ends trimmed, then this could be a big contributing factor. An even after you received that big chop, there still may be areas that are still straight. Also if you are continuing to blow dry or flat iron your hair then you will continue to have straight ends and areas that will not curl back .Applying heat to your hair can cause thermal or I like to call it mechanical (because it was created intentional or unintentional ) damage, creating straight pieces. Even if you are not relaxing your hair frequent or habitual flat ironing can sometimes cause more damage than a relaxer. So you have to decide do you want curly hair or do you want straight hair. Other things that may cause mechanical damage to the hair shaft are Low-quality combs, brushes, self-trimming your hair with scissors and hair accessories can cause mechanical damage to the hair. The protective cuticle layer becomes increasingly rough and is broken down. The result is often split ends. If the hair is wet, swollen and soft, combing poses a risk of over-stretching. Rubbing of the hair during towel-drying is an added burden to the cuticle layer and can lead to over-stretching.


Dear Sophia, What is the best way for me to transition from relaxed to natural?

My philosophy is: If you are not ready to do the "big chop" try not to thermal style (straighten) your hair- if you do, keep it minimal and have it done by a transitioning expert. Trim your ends as often as once a month (depending on how quickly you want those straight ends off!). I understand that you have to be ready and no one can make that decision for you. But to make it easier for you allow me to take care of your hair, and get you on a good regimen, so you do not become frustrated with the two textures. It takes time and patience, it just does not happen overnight or even a couple of months. Patience and care for your tresses is the key.


Dear Sophia, If I shouldn't blow dry or flatiron my hair, how do I need to style my hair while I transition?

Double strand twist sets, Twist outs, Braid out, Rod-sets, Straw-sets and flat-twists are the most common styles we use to avoid thermal damage during your transitioning phase. Any styles that are low-stress and low-manipulation can work for transitioning.


Dear Sophia, My hair is all natural with no straight pieces. What products should I be using?

Shampoo every other week (Olive you Scalp Cleanser), followed with the Olive you Deep Conditioner and rinse. Apply the MYHoneyChild styling product that best meets the needs of your curl pattern and texture.


Dear Sophia, What type of curl do I have?

At Sophia Sunflower Salon, I can tell you your hair or curl type, but when I am styling, your hair type is not main my focus and should not be yours. Healthy hair is the key, whether it is considered wavy, curly or kinky, hair is hair. I focus on the large spectrum. On your first visit, your hair will be shampooed and deep conditioned (all services come with a complimentary deep conditioning treatment under the dryer. Once your hair is clean,free of product, conditioned, wet, and in its natural state, your hair will be evaluated. Then will be able to determine your curl pattern, texture, straight pieces, breakage, and shrinkage. They will then suggest the best style for your curl pattern and select the best styling products for your texture specifically. Then if you want your hair styled then we will proceed with your styling preferences.


Dear Sophia, I want to grow my hair as much as possible, why do you suggest I get my hair trimmed regularly.

Natural hair should be trimmed at least every 8-12 weeks and transitioning hair should be trimmed every 4 weeks by a professional to promote healthy hair growth.


Dear Sophia, I apply a daily moisturizer but my hair is still dry and breaking.

Are you protecting your hair at night? What I mean by protecting is wrapping it up with a scarf. It could be that simple. Or you are not using the appropriate moisturizer for your curls.


Dear Sophia, I read that it is not necessary to shampoo so I only do condition washing, why is my scalp flaking and itchy all the time.

Yes, I have heard this many times. But condition washing may be okay sometimes, but every shampoo with condition will leave to an excessive oily scalp that will lead to a scalp condition. Sometimes the hair and scalp needs a good shampooing, not with an alkaline shampoo, but with a mild clarifying shampoo like the Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator. If you don't clarify your hair every 6-8 weeks you can get product build up making your hair dull and lifeless. Clarifying your hair means using a shampoo that will strip all build up off of it and although it will also strip natural oils from your hair, it is not only acceptable, but necessary as long as it is done sparingly and it is followed the Honey Hair Mask.


Closing thoughts: To learn more about becoming natural I recommend you come in to the salon for a transitional consult. At this time we will discuss your styling options.

If you are seeking a complete transitional analyzation of your hair and scalp . I suggest you schedule a transitional consult during this time will discuss where you are in your transition and create a plan for you, we will also view and demonstrate several styling methods that may suit your style . During this consult you will be expected to come in with clean dry hair and have 30 -45 minutes available for the discussion. Call us today at (919) 828 9689 to get going on your transition . Or click the link to get your service scheduled. Transitional Consult

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